How to make your site visible so that others can see it

The publish button


Click the Publish button to publish your site

Give your site a name


This doesn't have to be your domain name (don't add www), just something you want to call your site to distinguish it from the other sites within your account (in case you have more than one).


You can either close the message and go back to editing your site or you can click on the link Go to site to see your published site.

Site settings


If you want to change your site settings go to Manage (1) and click on Site status (2)

Site visibility (3) allows you to set your domain as online or offline whenever you want to. 

If you have already mapped your domain to your site, you can choose your TLD as your Preferred domain (4) (i.e. instead of

Click on Update site (5) to save your changes.