To transfer a domain to 1-grid you will need to follow these steps:

- Place an order for it via the website or your customer zone.

- A transfer ticket will be sent to the "registrant email". You can confirm what the email address is here. Please check the spam/junk folders if you do not see it in your inbox.

- When a transfer ticket is sent, the statusĀ of the domain will change to "pending transfer". If it does not then please let us know so we can assist.

- Once the transfer ticket is accepted, the domain will be transferred immediately.

- A transfer ticket is valid for exactly 5 days. If it is not accepted within that time, please contact us to initiate it again.

- Please note that the name servers will remain the same until they are changed via your customer zone.

- Any website and email content will not automatically transferred across. Please consult your web developer to assist in migrating the content to your new hosting space.