An inode is a filesystem object that contains the owner, permissions, and other important metadata. Every file, image, directory and email on your account requires an inode.

All our shared hosting packages have an inode limit, which increases with the cost of the package.

These limits are in place, to ensure that your account usage is in line with our General and Acceptable Use Policy.

Simply ensure that a number of files under your space are within the inode limit set for your shared hosting package. This will resolve the inode resource notifications.

You can also view the related How To Resolve High CPU Usage On WordPress Shared Hosting document for more information on how to ensure that your WordPress website is using the allowed CPU resources.

Please also visit this link which has further details on our High Tier Shared Hosting Packages.

You can view your current inode usage by logging into your hosting control panel and checking the File Hosting information. An example of what this looks likes is as follows:

NOTE:  The Infinity Symbol symbol is used, due to the fact that setting a limit here, would make the account unavailable once that limit has been reached.