1. Do you install HELM for Dedicated Server Clients? 

We support purchasing the licence for your HELM installation although we do not support the installation and maintenance thereof. 

2. Do I have access to the HELM Control Panel to automatically add my domains to my dedicated server? 

We, unfortunately, do not offer this service anymore. 

3.Do you support Windows XP Dedicated Servers? 

No, Windows XP has many security concerns when being set up as a server, hence we do not support this type of Operating System Install. We support Windows Server 2008 & 2012. 

4. What can I install on my Dedicated Server? 

You may install anything that does not violate our Terms of Service

5. Can my Dedicated Server access databases outside Gridhost`s Network? 

Yes. This is possible but depends on the setup of your firewall or RRAS. 

6. What will Gridhost install for me on my Dedicated Server? 

We will install the following with no additional charge: (Administration and Trends to be done by customer) - Smartermail Software ( License Required  ) - Smarterstats Software ( License Required  ) - IIS ( Built into Windows ) - RRAS ( Used as a Firewall ) - May request assistance for changes from Support - SQL Server 2005/2008 ( License Required ) 

Once-off installation fee: - PHP ( Installation on New Servers only - R 200 for setup only) - MySQL ( Installation on New Servers only - R200 for setup only)