Problem/Summary I am unable to connect to my SQL server from a remote location. Cause The default SQL port (1433) is blocked. Many ISPs and network providers block by default port 1433 for security measures due to SQL worms and hacker scans. Resolution Please use port 1444 to connect. There are TWO ways to accomplish this: 1st Method (Easiest) 1. Simply put ",1444" (minus the quotes) next to the server name when connecting with Enterprise Manager or SQL Query Analyser as shown below: 2. (Optional) Uncheck show system tables, this helps speed up the connection. 

 For SQL Server 2005/2005 Express: 

2nd Method (Slower) 1. Open SQL Client Program Files -> Microsoft SQL Server -> Client Network Utility If you cant find it there or don"t have Microsoft SQL or MSDE installed, you may find run Client Network Utility directly. Start -> Run -> c:\windows\system32\cliconfg.exe 2. Click "Alias" Tab 3. Click the ADD button, 4. Under Server Alias type,, substituting for your domain name. 5. Under "Network Libraries" on the left, please select TCP/IP. 6. Under Server Name type,, substituting for your domain name. 7. Uncheck "Dynamically determine port" 8. Under Port Number, type 1444


This article applies to

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager
  • Microsoft SQL Query Analyser
  • Microsoft Access 2000, XP, 2003