Creating a Virtual Directory for your domain through the Helm Control Panel is easily accomplished. First, log into your HELM control panel. Click on the Domains icon, and select the domain from the list for which you'd like to create the virtual directory. Click on the Virtual Directories icon, and then select Add New

Fill out the fields according to the following specifications:

Path To Virtual Directory
Enter the full path that you want to have in the URL before the virtual directory name. Leave blank if the virtual directory is to be created in the root of the website e.g. If you want to have the virtual directory at, then enter '\apps\net' into the text box.

Virtual Directory Name
This is the name of the virtual directory itself.

Allow Directory Browsing
Enable directory browsing if you wish visitors to the virtual directory to see the contents of the physical folder if there are no default documents to display.

Redirect to Exact URL
Enable redirect to exact URL where you want any file or folder paths visited within the virtual directory to be ignored and for the visitor to be sent directly to the URL only. If you disable this if a client goes to, then they will be redirected to automatically.

Once the information has been entered in, click Save.