If you would like your email redirected to an external provider you would need to update two factors: your MX records and your mail A records – both of which need to be supplied to you by the external provider.

All DNS changes are done through the WSP control panel. Should you not have access to your control panel, please see the URL link provided in your welcome mailer, or access the WSP through your Customer Zone.

Once you have logged into the WSP control panel navigate to your “Space Home” as seen in the first image below.

Please follow the steps provided below.

  • Click on “Domains” found within the “Hosting Space Menu” on the left side of your screen.


  • Select the domain name you wish to edit.


  • Click on "Edit DNS zone records".


  • You may edit the mail records by clicking on the pencil icon on the left-hand side of the record. Remember you would need to obtain the MX and A records of your external provider from them.


  • The numbers found next to the MX records would set priority – the lower the number the higher the priority.
  • Please note that the changing of DNS entries will require a propagation timeframe of roughly 4 – 24 hours to filter through the internet. Thereafter changes will be publically viewable.