You can add multiple shipping options to your store.

Open the settings page


Click settings (1)

Open the shipping page


Click Shipping (1) and then Add shipping (2)

Set shipping options

  1. Shipping rate name is the title that will appear when the customer selects a shipping option. It should be something a customer can easily recognize.
  2. Courier is that name of the service that will carry out the shipping
  3. Destination country is the destination country to which this shipping option applies
  4. Cost is the amount you will charge the customer for shipping
  5. Weight range (optional) if you ship product where shipping cost varies by weight, put a weight range in here. Leave this blank if weight does not impact shipping
  6. Click the Add shipping rate button when you are done

The shipping option will appear in the list. You can add more shipping options if required.

The shipping method will appear in the Delivery details form


When a customer enter the checkout process, they will see the shipping options on the delivery details page.