CNAME records make your DNS data easier to manage. If you change the IP address of an A record, all CNAME records pointed to that A record automatically follow the new IP address. The alternative solution would be to create multiple A records but is not as simple as using CNAME records.


A CNAME (Alias) record points to an A record. You can create multiple CNAME records and point them to an A record. The most common  CNAME records are the subdomains www and ftp.

To setup a CNAME record you would need to login to your control panel first and follow these steps:

- Select "Zone Editor"

- Click on "manage" next to the domain you wish to make changes to.


You can use the filter to view all CNAME records, edit them or create a new one should the record not exist.



If you are replacing an existing record then you need to allow for the cached records to expire, based on the TTL (time to live) of the record in question.

If this is a new record, no caching could have occurred so the new record should resolve immediately.