An A (host) record connects your domain name to your IP address. A records let users enter their domain name in a Web browser to access your website. Instead of typing in the address bar, you are able to browse to the site just by entering They are the most common type of zone record.


The first step would be to login to cPanel and click on the "Zone Editor".



Click on "manage" next to the domain you wish to make changes to.

You can use the filter to view all A records, edit them or create a new one should the record not exist.


Name will be what you decide to call your record.


You can keep the TTL (time to live) the same as the others that have already been created if you were not given one.

Address will be the IP that you are pointing your record to.

Please note that when adding / editing A records, propagation will take up to 24 hours so you will notice the change after that period.