This for cPanel Clients Only, For Both Resellers and End-Users.   

You are now able to unblock your public IP address should you suspect that it might have been blocked due to excessive login attempts with the incorrect password.


This usually results in your email client prompting you to enter your password, and you being unable to access your cPanel/WHM.

You are now able to unblock your IP following the steps below:

1. Log into your Customer Zone:

2. Click on Services

3. Then 'Manage Product'.

4. On the following Screen click on the 'Unban IP Address' button under the 'Hosting Information' tab.

4. Enter the IP you wish to unblock then click on the 'Unban' button.

The IP address has now successfully unblocked the IP address, you will now be able to access your email and your c-panel or WHM (Resellers).

Please reset your email password once you are able to access your cPanel/WHM and then update it in your email client (outlook, mac mail etc).