Distribution groups are typically used so lots of users can receive e-mail sent to a single e-mail address. The primary purpose of a security group is to assign permissions to a large group of users instead of assigning permissions to individual users one at a time.

The following steps below will assist you in creating a mail Group or assist you when editing your existing one.

Login in to Customer Zone

Click on services

Click on Manage Product

Click on Login to Control Panel

Click on GroupsĀ 

Once you have clicked on the Groups option you will be able to create or edit your current email group by clicking on "Create Mail Group" or on the name of your existing one.

When creating a group you would need to give it an email address that users can send to e.g. dl-office@example.co.za (this email address should NOT be listed in your email accounts)

In "Group E-Mails" you would add all the email addresses you wish to add to this group.

Click on Save.

That's it! You have successfully created a mailing group.