This article has been written to help you transfer the following type of domains to 1-grid:


.com, .africa, .co, .net, .org, .singles, .guru, .clothing, .plumbing, .ventures, .bike, .holdings, .photography, .camera, .graphics, .gallery, .equipment, .lighting, .estate, .diamonds, .technology, .contractors, .directory, .construction, .today, .kitchen, .voyage, .tips, .land, .mobi, .tv, .biz, .info, .me, .capetown, .durban, .joburg, .cc, .at, .fm, .name, .us, .bz, .sexy, .company, .center, .systems, .management, .solutions, .support, .email, .domains, .computer, .academy, .training, .builders, .enterprises, .link, .work.


Step 1) Preparation


Before starting the transfer process, you need to make sure of the following first:

  • Make sure your domain is Active.
  • Make sure you have access to the Registrant Email address of your domain.
  • Make sure your current provider is aware of the domain transfer.
  • You need to contact your current host to Unlock your domain and send you the EPP key (Authorization Key).

To view the Registrant email address and domain status, please go to and then search for your domain.


Here you can now type in your domain name and then press Lookup.



The details should like something like the following:



You will have to take note of the Registrant email address and make sure that you have access to that address. Once your order is placed and completed, 1-grid would automatically send the transfer request to this address and then you would need to open up the email and Accept the transfer. If the domain status still shows as clientTransferProhibited then this means that the current host has not yet unlocked the domain, they need to Unlock your domain first and send you the EPP key (Authorization Key). Once you accept the transfer request it would ask you for the EPP key, then you can insert the EPP key and proceed to accept the transfer. If the EPP key is invalid, you will need to ask the current host to resend the EPP key to you.


Step 2) Place your Domain Transfer order


To start placing your order please go to and enter the domain you wish to transfer and click search



The system will check if there the domain is available along with other domains that are similar to it.



If the domain needs to be transferred then click on the transfer button on the right-hand side.


If the domain does not exist then it will have a “register” option on the right-hand side. As soon as you click on one of these options, your cart will automatically be updated.


Click on “Go To Cart” to complete the signup.


Once the invoice is paid, we will go ahead and activate your transfer order for you.


Once the order gets activated, we will send the transfer request to the Registrant Email address.


Once the Registrant person can receive this email above, they need to click on the link in the email.


Once they open the link, they need to enter the EPP code then accept the transfer.


After 5-7 days when everything goes smoothly, the Registrant email address would be notified that your domain transfer would be completed.


If you wish to follow up with your transfer order or need and domain assistance, please contact our Domains team by sending a support ticket to