There are a few reasons why you might have email authentication errors.

  • Your password could be incorrect.
  • The user or domain could be suspended for due payment.
  • The mail address you using could be suspended for spam.
  • Too many attempts of the incorrect password would then set a temporary block on the server login.

You would need to verify that the password is correct that you using.

Test your password via the online webmail facility for your domain.

Step 1. Type in the remote URL in your browser.

Eg. OR

Step 2. When prompt for login – put in the full email address and password you have listed.

If the password is accepted via the remote login, please verify the password set on your mail programme such as outlook.

NB!! At this point, if the password fails, continue to step3.

Step 3. Log onto your Cpanel service and follow thru to the email function and click on email accounts.

Step 4. Go to the email address and select “Password and Authentication".

Once you have done the above repeat step 1 and 2.