You’ve decided to get your website online. You’ll need hosting but which package do you go for? Here are some guidelines to help you make the selection process easier.

How big or small will your site be?

Size does matter here. A fairly simple website requires a very basic package for its hosting. Remember that you can always upgrade the package if need be. Your web designer will be able to guide you with this. At 1-grid, we can design the website for you.

How will you create the website?

This might be another issue to discuss with your designer. Our packages serve the most popular website technologies. Let your designer have a look here. Better yet, let us design it all for you. Our design packages come with free hosting and email accounts.

How many email accounts do you need?

All hosting accounts include free email hosting. The amount of email accounts you need will help you determine the package you need.

These are basic guidelines for choosing a hosting package. The packages listed here will serve the needs of most websites.