1. Login to cPanel

2. In the Files section, click the Web Disk icon.

3. Under Create an Additional Web Disk Account, type the username in the Username text box.

4. In the New Password text box, type the password.

5. In the Password (Again) text box, retype the password.

6. In the Directory text box, cPanel automatically fills in the user's Web Disk directory based on the username that you typed in step 1 to change the directory, type the directory name you want to use in this text box.

7. The default permissions for the directory are for full read and write access. To grant the user read permissions only, click Read-Only.

8. To enable digest authentication, select the Enable Digest Authentication check box. Important: If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, and you want to use an unencrypted Web Disk connection, you must enable digest authentication.

9. Click Create.