DNS Manager (Zone Editor)

You can use the DNS Manager to manage your DNS for your domain names that meet the following criteria:

  1. You have a web hosting account with 1-grid and your domain name is pointing to our nameservers.
  2. The domain name is registered with us or elsewhere and have hosting with us. All domain names that you want to manage DNS for must have a DNS or web Hosting account assigned.

If you have a Control Panel, Self Managed, or Blaze VPS you will need to set up your own name servers or purchase DNS Hosting if you wish to use Digital Pacific's name servers.

Manage and Edit your DNS Zone

When you are logged into CPanel, click on Zone Editor. Note that previous versions of cPanel had an Advanced Zone Editor and MX Entry tools. These are both being replaced by the Zone Editor too.

With the Zone Editor you are able to add or edit A-Records, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, AAA and DMARC records.

 If you have addon and parked/aliased domains you will see this screen. Click manage for the domain you wish to edit.

To add a DNS Record, (1) click on the + next to Add Record, (2) click the down arrow for Type (3) select the type of record you want to add, then add all the relavent values, (4) click Add Record

Once you have made your changes, click on Save Record to save your changes

The following are some record types that can be managed and added.

  • Text (TXT) — This is an informational record. Use it for additional information about a host or for technical information to servers.
  • Host (A) — Uses the A record to map an IP address to a host name. This is the most common type of record on the Internet.
  • Canonical Name (CNAME) — A CNAME is an alias for a host. Using CNAMEs, you can have more than one DNS name for a host. CNAME records point back to the A record. When you change the IP address in your A record, all CNAME records for that domain name automatically follow the new IP address.
  • Email Server (MX) - This record tells where the email for a domain is hosted.