So you have purchased your SSL certificate from 1-grid and need it processed and activated.


On your initial purchase of your SSL certificate, you will receive an email from our system once the certificate is paid. This information would be your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) which is required so that your SSL certificate can be processed :


Website URL :

Organization :

Organizational Unit :

Country :

State / Province :

City / Locality :

Administrative Contact :

Email Contact :

First Name :

Last Name :

Title :

Telephone # :


The information above can be completed and sent to for us to generate your CSR, which will allow you to process your SSL order via your Customer zone. Once we have generated your SSL certificate, you will receive in the format below, in a txt file so that you can copy and paste it in your Customer zone SSL order:



As soon as you have received the CSR, you can now login to your Customer Zone, Click on Services and then locate your SSL Certificate in your Product list:

When you click on Manage Product, you will see the below details where you can click on Generate Now to paste your CSR :

You will be asked to select your Web Server where you may select Apache +ModSSL for Shared Linux or Microsoft IIS 5.x and later for .Net (Windows) Hosting :

If your website is hosted on an external web server, a VPS or Dedicated Server (with 1-grid), you would need to generate the CSR on your server and follow the steps above from the “Generate Now” option for your SSL certificate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure on adding any of your DNS records.