This quick guide will take you through the steps of paying your invoices.

1. Log in to your Customer Zone:

2. Click on “INVOICES”

If you have more than one invoice, you can use the “Pay All” option.

3. Click ‘Pay All’ on the left hand side. This method would pay all your unpaid invoices. If you have one invoice, the Pay All option will redirect you to that invoice where you could select the method you wish to use for payment.

After this, it would take you to a place where you can choose your Payment Method.

Payment Methods

If you choose either Pay All or Add Funds to pay your invoices, you can select Instant EFT or Credit Card and Click Make Payment.


Instant EFT:

If you chose instant EFT, select your bank to complete the transaction.

Secure Credit Card

If you chose Secure Credit Card then you should see the following:

Payments reflect immediately using Instant EFT, credit card and Snapscan methods.