This quick guide will take you through the steps of paying your account via Payfast.

1. Log in to the customer zone

2. Click on “Invoices”

3. Select the unpaid invoice

4. Change the payment method to ‘Instant EFT (via Payfast) in the middle of the invoice and click on ‘Pay Now’ at the top of the invoice.

Once that is selected you will be directed to the page where you need to choose the bank that you will be using to make the payment.

5. After selecting the bank, you’ll have the option to either log into your bank directly using the option “Enter Bank Details” or “Make an EFT payment from your bank”.

By using the “Enter Bank Details” you will see the following option:

Once logged in you will then see the below:

By selecting the “Make an EFT payment from your bank” you will be provided with banking details from Payfast that specifically needs to be used with the reference provided by Payfast.

You then need to go onto your online banking system to process the payment.

6. Once the payment is completed you need to select the final step by completing the payment so that the invoice can display as paid.