This quick guide will take you through the steps of redirecting a website / domain. 


Please note that this option is not available for domains on a parked package, i.e. XXX Small or Domain Parking. 


A redirect will only work if your domain is pointing to our web server. If it is pointing elsewhere, then the redirect will have to be added there. 


1. Log in to cPanel.  


2. Click on “Redirects”. 




3. Select the domain name from the drop-down. 




Leave the other settings as they are, unless you know why you want to change them. 


4. Click the “Add button”. 


If the redirect does not work immediately, it would mean that your DNS record is pointing your domain to a different web server, your name servers are incorrect, you’re logged into the incorrect control panel, etc. Please contact us if you need assistance with finding out the cause