This guide will take you through the steps of setting up DNS records for Office 365 within Website Panel (.Net).


For this guide, we used "" so please replace it with your own domain name when setting up your DNS records.


1. Log in to Website Panel (.Net) 


2. Click on “Domains. 



3. Click on the domain you wish to add these records to. 



4. Click on “Edit DNS zone records. 


5. Click on “Add record” 



6. Enter your Office 365 verification record. 



Record Name: Can be left blank. 

Record Data: MS=ms12345678 (Microsoft should provide the exact record). 


Wait a few minutes so that the record you just created can update across the Internet. Now you have to go back to Office 365 and request them to look for the record. 


6. Log in to your Office 365 Admin centre. 


7. Click on “Setup” then “Domains”. 


8. Choose your domain. 


9. Click on “Start setup”. 


10. Click on “Verify”. 



Microsoft should provide you with more DNS records to add now. 


11. Go back to the DNS zone in Website Panel (.Net). 


12. Delete any existing MX records by clicking on the option found on the right-hand side. 



13. Click on “Add record” and select MX as the type. Enter the MX record given to you. The record name can remain blank. 



14. There are six CNAME records to add. These will be added one at a time. Click on “Add record” again. The type will be “CNAME”. 

This is what your entries will look like: 



15. Before adding the TXT record, make sure an existing one that includes “spf does not exist 



If there is an existing record, delete it using the option to its right. Now, click on “Add record” and select “TXT” as the type. This is what it should look like: 



16. There are two SRV records. Click on “Add record” and select “SRV” as the type. 



All other required information will be provided by Microsoft. This is what the record will look like: 



That’s it! You’ve successfully added Office 365 records. Typically it takes about 15 minutes for these changes to take effect. Since it needs to update across the Internet's DNS system, it can take up to a few hours.