This guide will take you through the steps of converting your addon domains to a standalone cPanel account. Please note that this option is only available for Business VPS customers. 


1. Log in to your WHM 


2. Type “convert” in the search bar found on the left-hand side. 



3. Click on “Convert Addon Domain to Account”. 


4. A list of addon domains will appear. Click on “Convert” on the right-hand side of the domain you wish to separate. 



5. Enter the necessary details for the new account. 



6. Click on “Configure” to view actions for your database(s) linked to that domain. 



This will allow for the Convert tool to move both the database and user for the selected addon domain. 



Once the addon domain has been converted to its own cPanel account, you will now see the start and end times of the completed addon conversion. 



That’s it! You’ve successfully converted aaddon domain to a standalone account.