1. Log into Horde Webmail.

  2. Roll your mouse over Mail, then click Filters.

  3. Click the New Rule link.

  4. You will then be on the Filter Rule page. It will look like this:

    Select and enter your settings as needed. Below is an outline of the options as provided by Horde.

    Rule NameThis is a descriptive name for a rule. You may use it to identify a rule in your filter listing.
    Do thisThese are the possible actions to take if an incoming message matches the specified conditions. Note that all of these options may not be available to you – only the options that work with the underlying filtering software will be shown.
    Deliver this message into my INBOX: The message will be saved in your INBOX. This is the default option.
    Deliver to this mailbox: The message will be delivered to the specified folder.
    Discard this message: The message will be silently deleted. Neither you nor the sender will receive notification that this has happened.
    Redirect this message to: The message will be sent to the email address that you specify. No copy of the message will remain in this account.
    Deliver to my INBOX and redirect to: The message will be sent to the email address that you specify, and a copy of the message will remain in your INBOX.
    Reject this message with reason: The original message will be discarded, and a new message will be sent to the sender with the text that you specify.
    Mark message asYou may specify marking a message with one or more IMAP flags as one of the actions in a rule. The possible values are Seen, Flagged For Followup, Answered, and Deleted.
    Stop checking if this rule matches?If this option is checked, and a message matches this rule, the remaining filters will not be processed.

  5. Click the Save button to create this rule.