How to change your profile name

By default, when you send an email, others will see it as coming from your email address. You can add your name to your profile so that others will see your email as coming from "John Smith" instead of

  1. Click "Personal Information"
  2. Enter your name as the "Your full name"
  3. Click Save Options

How to change the language used within Horde

The text in Horde can be displayed in various languages. To switch to a different language:

  1. Click "Locale and Time"
  2. Select your preferred language from the "Select your preferred language" dropdown
  3. Click "Save Options"

How to change your time zone within Horde

Dates and times are displayed in several different areas in Horde, and you have the option to set your time zone. If you have the incorrect time zone set, then your inbox may show messages as arriving several hours before or after they actually did.

  1. Click "Locale and Time"
  2. Select your time zone from the "Your current time zone" dropdown
  3. Click "Save Options"