1. Login to your WebsitePanel.

  2. Click on Domains.

    Select Domains Option from WebsitePanel
  3. Click on the domain name for which you wish to edit DNS zone records.

    Select Particular Domain Name for Which You Need to Manage MX Record
  4. Click on Edit DNS zone records link.

    Click on Edit DNS Records Link
  5. Edit existing MX record by clicking on the pencil icon.

  6. Set the Record Data value as per your requirement along with its MX Priority and then click on Save.

    Specify New Details for MX Record
  7. You can also add another MX record, by clicking on Add Record button.

  8. You need to provide the below mentioned details to add a new MX record: 

    • Record Type: Select MX from the drop down list.
    • Record Data: Specify the appropriate value of MX record.
    • MX Priority: Set the priority of MX record. Lowest priority record will be used first rather than higher one.

    Specify Details to Add a New MX Record
  10. After filling all these details click on Save.