This group of features include all the advanced features provided for your account and widely used by many users for different purposes. The features you will find in this group are:

  • Cron Jobs - Here you can schedule certain command to be executed on the server from within the environment for your user. Often used for php scripts for performing different activities automatically.
  • Indexes - Whenever you would like to display a directory listing for concrete directory on your account, you can head to this feature and configure the actual listing by first selecting the directory.
  • Error Pages - Here you can configure the code for the error pages of your website.
  • Apache Handlers -With this feature you will be able to configure different Apache Handlers for handling certain file formats using php for example.
  • MIME Types - This feature will provide you with information about the system predefined MIME types as well as the option to add a MIME Type on your own.

The Advanced Group of settings