The Software group provides different features related to the software we provide you with on the server. The included features in this group are:

  • PHP - Simple informative page for the most important php configuration options.
  • PHP PEAR Packages - Feature which will allow you to install and maintain the PHP PEAR packages for your entire account.
  • PERL Modules - Feature which will allow you to fully manage the PERL Modules available for your entire account.
  • Optimize Website - The Optimize website feature is used to enable/disable and configure the Compression of your website. The compression is quite a useful feature as it increases the performance of your website.
  • Softaculous Apps Installer - Widely used feature for 1-Click installation for all the OpenSource applications we support on all our web hosting services.
  • Select PHP Version - With this feature you will be able to set the php version for your account. Currently we maintain and support more than 5 php versions including php 5.2 and of course php 7.

The Software Group of settings