If your service has been suspended, it is possible that you have made the payment too late and it has not yet reflected on 1-grid’s bank statement. There are a number of other reasons why this could happen and provision should be made for delays in transfers between financial institutions.

Payment should be made to 1-grid no later than the first payment reminder. A partial payment will be allocated to your oldest outstanding invoice. Should the balance remain outstanding, all services listed on that invoice will be suspended and eventually terminated.

For continued hosting services, 1-grid requires invoices to be settled in full. Once a payment reflects on 1-grid’s system the services will be automatically reinstated.

Here are some other reasons why your account may still be reflecting as outstanding:

  • Your payment may not yet reflect on our bank statement. Please make allowance for transfer delays between financial institutions.
  • If your payment was made more than 3 days ago, it is possible that it was allocated to an older outstanding invoice.
  • It is possible that your reference used was incorrect. Confirm the details of your payment and then contact 1-grid’s Billing department. Your customer ID is the reference you should be using and is stated on the electronic invoice sent via email.


In the scenario where a customer has been suspended, a R50 reactivation fee will be applicable.

SMS and e-mail reminders will be sent continuously until the outstanding invoice is settled.

Debit orders will run on the 1st of the month and every Thursday thereafter [this is subject to change]