This guide will show you features that you are able to make use of within the spam firewall. 


Login details 

The URL, email address and password will be mailed to the authorised account holder’s email address as per the customer zone. 

The mail will look as follows: 


Note: 1-grid will not save the password for security reasons. 

Reset password 

If a password needs to be recovered, customers can simply use the “Forgot my Password” link to resend the password:



The interface 

This is useful in order to check for spam/ messages or to resend mail and pull reports, etc. 

To log in, use your email account and password as listed in the welcome mailer: 


When logged in, the customer will be able to select the role and domain they would like to check stats for: 


You can also switch to another domain if you have multiple domains linked to your email address. Do this by simply clicking on the domain name in the top right-hand corner and  

selecting a different domain: 


Blacklist/ Whitelisting 

To whitelist or blacklist a domain or email address, simply select the “Filter Rules” and then enter the address you wish to list: 


Check for spam/ release/ resend mail 

To release mail caught as spam, resend mail that was sent previously or check if a mail has been caught in quarantine, browse the “Quarantine” section: 


From the “Message Type” section you will be able to select the criteria you wish to search for, and “Apply” when all information has been added: 


From here, you can select the mail you would like to perform the action on and either release the mail (resend), whitelist (training the firewall not to mark similar mail as spam), or delete mail. 


If you would like to set up reports to monitor how much mail a specific domain/ mailbox gets in a time period. You will be able to do so via the “Reporting” tab: 


You can view historical reports here, schedule new reports, or generate a report on the spot based on your needs. 

To generate a Basic Report, select the “Reports” option. Select the criteria and when done click “Run” to generate: 


You will then be able to view the report under the “Todays Reports” tab: 


You can view the report online by selecting the magnifying glass to the right-hand side of the report, or alternatively, download the report in the format of your choice