If you log in to cPanel, you will see STATISTICS on the left-hand side with “Entry Processes” below it. 



An “Entry Process” only takes roughly a second to complete, therefore most people get it confused with how many visitors they can have on their website. A 20 limit Entry Process doesn’t mean only 20 people can be on your website at once because the likelihood of all 20 people hitting your website at the exact same second is highly unlikely to happen.

It’s possible for an entry process limit of 20 handle 80-100 visitors on a website at a time on same process or script. 


Possible causes to high Entry Processes are likely to be: 


Too much websites hosted on one hosting package. 

It is possible to have more than one domain hosted on a package however, not all websites require the same amount of resources. Some might need more or less. As you add more websites, the existing resources are shared among them which will eventually cause problems. 


Cron jobs / Scripts 

An “Entry Process” is how many PHP scripts you have running at a single time. This could be scheduled tasks set by either cron jobs are plugins that are active on your website. Naturally, the more plugins that you are using, the more entry processes will be triggered to complete a function required by your website. 



Some plugins may become problematic as they become outdated and are not compatible with later versions of the parent software or if the updated one does not work well. There are cases were processes will not terminate after it was initiated which will cause multiple processes to be active at once. This will inevitably cause issues to every other site you have hosted on that package. 


If you have a low traffic website but are constantly at the Entry Process limit, it means something is wrong with your scripts and they are hanging around longer then they should. 

You’ll receive three warnings regarding resource limits. Should you still exceed the limit by the third warning, your package will be automatically upgraded to the next plan to avoid any impact on your website. 


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