Before designing your website, it would be best to map your domain first as it can take up to 24 hours for this process to complete. 


1. You would need to make some changes to your DNS zone, so you should log in to cPanel.

2. Select the Zone Editor option and click on Manage. 



3. There are two records to change. In the filter, click on "A" and edit the record that points your domain to an IP address.


4. Enter "" as the new IP address and then click on "Save Record".


5. In the filter, click on "CNAME" and edit the record that includes "www".

6. Enter "" as the new record and then click on "Save Record"

7. You are almost done! Next step would be to log in to your website builder. This can be accessed via cPanel as well: 


8. Click on the Website Builder icon and then login: 


9. Once you are logged in, click on "Site editor" found on the left-hand side.

10. Click on "Settings" found at the bottom.


11. Click on "Domain name"

12. Click on "Map a domain"


You can then map the domain to your Website Builder software: 


Don’t fret if the mapping fails. As we advised above, it can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. This does not mean that you cannot start with your website though. When building the website, it is possible to publish what you have to a temp URL that would look like


After mapping your domain successfully, you would need to select your preferred domain to change it from the temp URL to your specific address. 


In the menu on the left. click on “Site settings” again and then “Site status”, change your preferred domain and save. 


The next time you publish your website you will have the option of saving it onto your main domain.


You have now successfully published your website!