This guide will take you through the steps of installing your 1-grid SSL certificate. Please note that this process applies to those with cPanel hosting packages. If you have a Website Panel (.Net) package SSL must be installed by our Support Team.

Step 1- Login to your 1-grid Customer Zone.

Step 2- Click Services




Step 3- Click Manage Product next to your SSL certificate. If you cannot see the SSL certificate, Comodo would have sent an email with a token. 



Step 4- Copy the token.




Step 5 -  Click on “Manage Product” next to that domain’s cPanel account. 



Step 6- Click on Login to cPanel



Step 7 - Click on AutoInstall SSL



Step 8 - Paste the SSL token in the field and click on  Verify Token



Step 9 - Complete the required information and click submit. 


Step 10 -  cPanel will now begin the installation. 



That’s it! You’ve successfully installed your SSL certificate.