This quick guide will take you through the steps of managing your WordPress plugins. 

1. if you wish to enable or disable your WordPress plugins then you would need to log in to the admin area first. 


To get to your WP admin section you would need to browse to ( would be replaced with your domain name). 


2. Once you are logged in using the details you specified, click on the “Plugins” options in menu on the left-hand side: 




3. A new page will load where you are able to Activate / Deactivate / Delete the plugin: 



4. If you cannot log in to the admin section for any reason, then try to rename the folder in your File Manager. To do this you would need to log in to cPanel first and click on the File Manager option: 




5. Then open up the public_html folder by double clicking on it: 



6. Open the wp-content folder: 



7. Open the plugins folder: 




8. Click on the plugin you wish to disable and rename it to something else, e.g. akismet_old 




9. To enable it again, simply rename it back to its original name.