Three important buttons 

1. Main menu – switch to another application like blog or store”. 

2. Publish – make your website visible on the web. 

3. Add sections (Add content) – add new content to your page. 



Add content 

To add content to your page: 

1. Click the + button. 



2. Click Add section or Add content in the position you want. 



3. Select the section you want to use; it will then appear in your chosen position 



Moving sections 

Use the arrows that are displayed next to the section you wish to move. It will be moved above or below the next section. 


Publishing your site 

The first time you publish your site, you may be prompted to choose a temporary subdomain name. 

When you publish your site, it becomes visible on the World Wide Web (WWW). If you change your site, you will need to click Publish again to make new changes visible. 

To publish your website on your own domain, follow this article to map it first.