If you receive a similar email to this, it would be best to ignore and delete it immediately.

"Your Account Was Hacked" is one of the many scams (spam campaigns) that are used to trick people into paying cyber criminals. In this case, scammers send an email stating that the recipient's computer is infected with a malicious program that allowed them to record a compromising video. They also claim that they have stolen personal data/details.  

The main point of this email is to trick people into paying cyber criminals who threaten to proliferate the video if their demands are not met by the given deadline. Note that emails of this type should be ignored. 


Here is an example of the email that has been going around for years: 




"Your Account Was Hacked" is just one of many emails (scams) of this kind. Others include "You May Not Know Me", "We Are Not Going To Steal A Lot Of Time", and "I Am A Spyware Software Developer". Most are used to threaten and blackmail people by making claims that are not accurate. Criminals generally attempt to extort money from innocent people, however, some cyber criminals use other types of spam campaigns. They send emails that contain malicious attachments or website links that lead to them. They use these emails to infect computers with malicious programs such as LokiBotTrickBotEmotetAZORult, and Adwind. The main purpose of these spam campaigns is to trick people into opening the included link or attachment - opening it causes download and installation of a malicious program. Examples of files that cyber criminals usually attach are Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, executables (.exe), ZIP, RAR or other archives, and so on. These emails and attachments proliferate computer infections that cause people financial loss, data loss, privacy issues, and so on.