This article provides you with information regarding shared and dedicated SSL certificates.

Regardless of whether you are using the Shared SSL or a Dedicated SSL, any page you use the SSL on will need to use https to link to other pages and files as well. In other words, if you use absolute URLs for images, css files, javascript files, or links to other pages on your site; you will need to use https instead of http in those URLs.

Shared SSL

A Shared SSL Certificate is one that is shared by all users on the server. A big benefit of Shared SSL is that it is free, and it is just as secure as a Dedicated SSL Certificate. The drawback however is that the Shared SSL is assigned to the server name and IP address and not your registered domain name.

Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL certificates are a great alternative to Share SSL Certificates. While they are not free, they do add much more peace of mind to your customers as the SSL Secured URL will look like

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