1. Log into your the RoundCube email client.
  2. click address book icon

    From inside RoundCube, locate the Address Book icon in the upper right and click on it.


  3. click the import icon

    To begin your import process, find the Import icon in the upper left and click on the icon.


  4. This takes you to the Import screen. From here, click Browse and select your contact file from your local machine.


  5. upload-file

    After selecting the file, you should see its path in the field. If you want to eliminate any items in your current contact list, select the checkbox entitled Replace the entire address book. If you do not select that checkbox, the contacts in your file will simply be added to any existing contacts. Click the Import button.


  6. The server will then import the contacts and will display the contact items that were imported. Click the Done button and you will be taken to the contact list screen where you will see your imported items. Below is a before and after comparison of a contact import.
    before the contact import

    after contacts imported