Step 1: Login to SmarterMail

Go to http://mail.yourdomain. (replacing yourdomain by your own domain) and login

Login to smartermail

Step 2: Click on settings, filtering and Spam Filtering

Once there, select the option "override spam settings"

Spam filter on SmarterMail


Step 3: go to the actions tab

As emails are detected as spam, they will fall into 3 possible categories, spam low, medium and high.

SmarterMail offers the option to take different action depending on how emails are classified, you have a choice of:

  • Delete the message: this is not recommended, particularly on low spam in case genuine emails are labelled as spam by mistake
  • Move the email to the Junk e-mail folder
  • Add a message to the subject line.

The option you select will depend on your requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you chose to move emails to the "Junk E-mail" folder those emails will be moved to a folder ON THE SERVER. If you download your emails using POP3 (as opposed to IMAP), for instance, on outlook, there may be a "Junk e-mail" folder created by another system you are using on outlook but these are different. To view emails in your junk email folder you will need to login to SmarterMail as POP3 only downloads the inbox.
If you are using IMAP, all folders will sync so this issue does not apply.

If you use the option to move emails to the "Junk E-mail" folder it is strongly recommended you check this folder on a regular basis as genuine emails can get caught in it!

The weight of spam represent the threshold at which a message is considered as spam. If you feel you have to go lower than 10 you will need to contact us. In such case you need to understand that the lower the weight the more likely you are to send genuine emails to spam.

Spam filter on smartermail