This article provides you with steps to customize you error pages in Plesk.

Step 1- Login to Plesk.

  • Login with username and password received when you completed your application.
  • Alternatively you can also see how to login via 1-grid Customer Zone here

Step 2 - Click on Hosting and DNS then Hosting Settings.

Step 3 - Make sure that Custom error documents is enabled and click Apply.

Step 4 - Go to File Manager > httpdocs and create your custom error pages. 

  • To use a custom HTML document located in directory other than error_docs on a domain, select URL in the Type menu and enter the path to your document in the Location field. The path should be relative to the virtual host root (that is, \\httpdocs).
  • For example, you have created a file bad_gateway.html and saved it in the my_errors directory located in the httpdocs. To use this file as an error document, the following path should be entered in the Location filed: /my_errors/bad_gateway.html.