1.       Login to your Customer Zone: https://1-grid.com/client/clientarea.php

2.       Select Services and then My Services



3.       Click on Manage Product next to your hosting package

4.       Login by clicking on cPanel



5.       Under Software, click on MultiPHP Manager





Set a domain's PHP version

To change a domain's PHP version, perform the following steps:

1.     Select the checkbox for the domain that you wish to change.

2.     Select the desired version of PHP from the PHP Version menu. To always use the system default, select inherit


·         If you set your PHP version to inherit, the system will not allow you to set PHP-FPM. You must select a PHP version other than inherit to enable PHP-FPM on a domain.

·         If the PHP version that you want to use does not appear, that PHP version is either not installed on the server or is not available for your account.

·         If your system administrator limited your domain's PHP version, then you cannot use this interface to restore the domain's PHP version to its original version.

·         Click Apply. The system will change the selected domain's PHP version.