This article provides you with steps to create email groups through the use of email filters in cPanel.

Step 1 - Login to cPanel

  • Please see our article on logging into cPanel here.

Step 2 - Click on Email accounts under Email section and create a new email account.

  • See step by step guide to creating en email address here
  • The email created with be the name of your email group.

Step 3 - On the main cPanel page click on Email Filters under the Email section

Step 4 - Click on Manage filters next to the group email address created.

Step 5 - Click on Create a New Filter

Step 6- Enter Filter rules as below:

  • Add a Filter Name
  • Under Actions select Redirect to Email
  • Create a redirect to Email rule for each email address you would like the email address to go to when received.
  • Click Create

 TIP: Should you require more information regarding cPanel functions please see cPanel.