This article provides you with steps to setup Mailing lists in Plesk.

Step 1- Login to Plesk.

  • Login with username and password received when you completed your subscription.

Step 2 - Go to Mail > Mailing Lists.

  • Click Create Mailing List

Step 3 - Configure Mailing list

  • Complete mailing list details and click OK

Step 4 - Log in to the Administrator email account

Step 5 - Click on Options > Mailing Lists

Step 6 - Set  Allowed Posters to Anyone

  • The mailing list is a group email address to which a number of users are subscribed. 
  • Mailing lists are used for sending email messages to multiple recipients at once. 
  • Email messages sent to mailing list subscribers can include anything from plain text to colorful newsletters and promotions with embedded images and links, and attached multimedia and presentation materials.
  •  Plesk does not limit the number of members in a mailing list.