1.  Scan and remove malware scan for malware and remove anything that the application picked up.

2.  Remove browser add-ons, extensions & toolbars


Chrome has a built-in 'Clean-up tool' which you'll find by clicking the three vertical dots and choosing Settings. 



Scroll down to where it says Advanced and click on it.



Now scroll to the bottom and click 'Clean up computer' and click 'FIND' next to Find and remove harmful software.


In Firefox click the three horizontal bars near the top-right and choose Add-ons.



Now click on Extensions in the left-hand menu and click Remove next to those you want to delete.


In Microsoft Edge, click the three horizontal dots and choose Extensions from the menu. 



Hover over the one you want to delete, click the cog icon then click the Uninstall button.


3.  Change your home page

4.  Change the default browser and remove unwanted search engines



Click the three vertical dots and scroll down to Search Engine. Simply use the drop-down menu to choose a search engine.

 How to remove browser redirect


Open the menu (the three horizontal lines) and choose Options. Click Search from the left-hand menu and use the drop-down menu below Default Search Engine to pick the one you want.


How to remove browser redirect

Microsoft Edge

Go to the website of the search engine you want and then click the three horizontal dots, choose Settings, then View Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Privacy and Services and click Change the search engine. You should see the name of the search engine you visited, so long as it supports the 'OpenSearch' standard.

How to remove browser redirect