What is 3D Secure (Visa Secure / MasterCard SecureCode)?

3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Card-holder Not Present) transactions over the Internet.

MasterCard brands their system as 'MasterCard SecureCode' and Visa call theirs 'Visa Secure'.



3D Secure protects a buyer's credit card against unauthorised use when shopping online. This simple service enables buyers to validate transactions you make over the internet by requesting a personal code (usually sent to your cell phone or email address as a one time PIN). It helps protect against fraudulent use by unauthorised individuals.


MasterCard SecureCode/NetCode

When using a MasterCard you will either have created a SecureCode password or your bank will send you a NetCode via SMS. When you use 3D Secure you will be prompted to enter either of these passwords. 


Verified by Visa

If you want to pay with a Visa card you will be prompted to enter your pre-determined security password which you would have set up when you registered your card.

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