In order to migrate your emails from an existing SmarterMail server hosted on Helm or Website Panel, please follows steps provide below to migrate your emails to the new Plesk Control Panel.  


1. Make a note of the old account password and the IP address of the old mail server. 

2. Log in to the new SmarterMail. (If your DNS has update, this will be http://mail.domainname or alternatively ) 

3. Click the Settings icon at the top. 


4. In the Settings menu, click on Connectivity which is found on the left-hand side.  

5. Since we're migrating data, on the Mailbox Migration card, click the Migrate button.  

6. The Mailbox Migration modal appears. Here, you will select "Other".


7. Use IP address of the old mail server. You can find this in the DNS zone of the old control panel.  

Server Address: IP address of old mail server

Type: IMAP

Port: 143

Username: your email address

Password: your password form old control panel


That's it! Once you've filled out the necessary information, the mailbox migration will start. You can track its progress as the data is imported.