Finding that you always need to send mails to a specific group of people? Our Email for Business Pro solution has you covered. 
This guide will take you through the steps of setting up a new mailing list in your Business for Email account.

You will first need to log into your Email for Business account using the email address and password you created or that was provided to you. 

Once logged in select the domain setting icon from the top menu bar. 

  1. A menu will appear on the left-hand side,
  2. Select ‘Mailing Lists’ from this menu,
  3. Select ‘New’,
  4. Enter a name for your mailing list and select who the moderator is,
  5. Additional settings will appear, you can now configure your mailing list to suit your needs.
  6. Once you have done this select the subscribers list from the top menu
  7. Select new and input the email addresses of your subscribers
  8. Select save. 

You can also do this for digest subscribers, who is allowed to post and banned users.  At this point you can also create custom fields, making it easier to personalize your messages.

This feature will only be visible for you if you enable ‘Domain Administration’ while setting up the email account. If you have not done this on the desired email account you can edit the account and select or deselect this checkbox at any time. 

Please note that the ability to add mailing lists is specific to the Email for Business Pro package. To upgrade to the pro package log into your Customer Zone, select your Email for Business Basic or Free account, select ‘Upgrade’.