This guide provides you with steps to setup your email account on  with IMAP on your Iphone. We strongly recommend always setting up your account in IMAP across all your devices .

Step 1 - Go to Settings Mail

  • Open settings on your iPhone and tap Mail.

Step 2- Tap Accounts and then Add Account.

Step 3 -Tap Other and then Add Mail Account.

Step 4 - Enter your account details and click Next.

  • Name:  Your name and Surname.

  • Email:  Your full email address.

  • Password: password for your email address.

  • Description : describe the account e.g "Business Account".

Step 5 - Select IMAP.

Step 6-  Enter your server settings and click Next.

Incoming server:

Outgoing server:

Step 7 - Completed ! Click save.

TIP: These settings will only work if your DNS (records and nameservers) are pointing correctly and have propagated.  If you are not sure whether your DNS (records and name servers) are pointing to those of 1-grid, please see our troubleshooting guide here on how to check this.