This article provides you with information regarding domains terminology.

When you register a domain there are always three parties involved; the registry, registrar and registrant. Below we explain what their roles are. 


The registry is responsible for the overall administration of a top-level domain (TLD). They set the policies for the domain, manage the registrations and generate the zone file.

A registry can manage multiple domains, like ZACR for  and, or just one domain like SIDN for .nl. 


The registrar is the middleman. It is an accredited organization that registers a domain with a registry, on behalf of the registrant. This would be 1-grid's role.

1-grid is a registrar for a number of TLDs, among others, .online, and .africa domains. 


The registrant is the registered name holder of a domain. This person or entity owns the rights to use the domain for their website and email, as long as they pay the domain fee every year.

When you host a domain at 1-grid, you are the registrant.

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