This guide provides your with steps to change your site from HTTP to HTTPS  on new and old WordPress sites.

How do you know if SSL is enabled on my site ?

The signs that a website has been secured with SSL are a padlock icon before the domain name in the address bar. Unsecured sites have an ⓘ  icon – and possibly “Not Secure” before the domain name:


How to activate HTTPS on your website

New Website :

  • For new websites you would go to the admin area of your new WordPress installation and click on Settings.
  • Then update your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to  https://

Established Website:

  • For established websites which has already been indexed by Google you would need to redirect your HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You will download and install a plugin called Velvet Blues Update URLs

  • Once installed and activated you will click on Tools.
  • Add the HTTPS into your URL and click on Update URLs now.

TIP: For more information on securing your WordPress website please see WordPres security tips.